Day 26: ThinTallTony Wins Week 4 PayPorte Arena Games

ThinTallTony Wins PayPorte Arena Games For Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 4

This week’s PayPorte Arena Games were really fun to watch as the housemates brought their A-game but in the end it was ThinTallTony who emerged the winner completing the puzzle in a time of 01:22.

The puzzle actually gave Efe some hard time as he spent more than six minutes still fighting to complete but he was eventually buzzed out failing to complete the rest of course.

Biggie’s fake housemate Jon struggled for 7 minutes to complete the puzzle but eventually managed to get half way through the course before getting buzzed out.

Ese on the other hand almost had the puzzle on several occasions but also got buzzed out as she started the course.

Gifty tried so hard and she was actually the first housemate to complete the entire course with a time of 06:44.

Then came the muscle man Kemen who had been motivated by a weekend in the luxury suite with TBoss, he made it through the course in just 01:45.

Bisola got everything wrong as she failed to complete the puzzle.

Uriel posted a great time of 03:16 but it wasn’t enough to win and in an attempt to show her frustration, she dropped an f-bomb as she walked to her seat.

Mean while muscle man Bassey surrendered a few seconds before the buzzer sounded, he just couldn’t manage to complete the puzzle.

TBoss finished with a time of 06:42.

Despite restarting the puzzle ThinTallTony blazed through the course and he dashed Kemen’s hopes of an intimate weekend with TBoss posting a time of 01:22 & snatching the lead.

Debie-Rise couldn’t rise above ThinTallTony’s 01:22.

Marvis was also buzzed out at the puzzle stage.

Bally barely missed 01:22 which automatically makes ThinTallTony the winner of this week’s Payporte Arena Games.

And being the winner, ThinTallTony chose to share his reward with TBoss, Kemen and Bally and in s doing he snubbed his good friends Efe and Bisola.

Well this week Efe called ThinTallTony fake, could it be the reason he has been snubbed by the man he saved from the chopping block just last week?

Or could it be a strategy that ThinTallTony chose the housemates who have never been to the VIP lounge just to win them over as we are all aware that they nominated him.

What do you think about ThinTallTony’s decision to snub his besties Efe and Bisola??

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