Day 36: Housemates To Be Unpaired In Week 7

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates To Be Unpaired In Week 7

The Big Brother Naija 2018 remaining inside the house will be unpaired and will play the game as individuals starting from week 7 to the end of the show ‘grand finale’.

This comes after the housemates were first paired in the early days of the show, they were once again re-paired at the beginning of week 4.

But now Big Brother has decided that the housemates will be playing the game as individuals after this week.

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This simply means that all the strategic pairs will be no more and the housemates will now participate in the nominations as single individuals, it also means that the housemates will be evicted as individuals.

Now this comes as good news to a lot of viewers who have wanted this during the past few weeks.

This was revealed by the Big Brother Naija host Ebuka during last night’s live eviction show that saw Angel and Ahneeka get booted from Biggie’s house.

So if you’re out there and would wish to watch your favourite housemate playing the game as an individual, then what you have to do is simple. Just make sure that you vote for your favourite housemate this week so that they make it to week 7 which is actually next week.

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Voting lines will open today in the evening immediately after the live nominations..

So have you liked Biggie’s latest twist?? Please let us know what you think by using the comment section below.

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