Day 41: Team Blue Enjoys A Three Course Meal For Winning The Heritage Bank Challenge

Big Brother Naija 2018 Heritage Bank Challenge Winners Enjoy A Three Course Meal

As one of the rewards for winning the Heritage Bank Challenge, members of Team Blue who include Tobi, Ifu Ennada, Leo and Lolu have enjoyed a delicious meal fully sponsored by Heritage Bank.

During the afternoon hours, Big Brother sent one of his ninjas into the house with a brief addressed to the Head of House Bambam. Head of House then gathered all her fellow housemates in the lounge to read out the contents of the brief.

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In the brief, Big Brother was informing winning team ‘Blue Team’ in this week’s Heritage Bank Challenge that they should move to the garden and have their three course meal fully sponsored by Heritage Bank.

Still in the brief, Big Brother said that the restaurant serving the three course meal was a no take away restaurant therefore members of Team Blue must eat as much food as they can while in the garden because they won’t be allowed to pack food away from the garden.

Big Brother also made it clear that only members of Team Blue were allowed to eat food at the meal and that the other housemates would go to the garden if they wanted and watch on as Team Blue members enjoyed their meal.

On the other hand Big Brother also asked the other housemates to use this time to think about how they could have done better in the Heritage Bank challenge.

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And immediately after Head of House Bambam finished reading out the brief, members of Team Blue quickly moved to the garden where they had a super delicious three course meal.

The rest of the housemates later on found some time and also moved to the garden where they watched their fellows enjoying a delicious meal.

Big Brother Naija 2018 Heritage Bank Challenge losers
The rest of the housemates look on as Team Blue members enjoy their 3-course meal

Thanks to Heritage Bank for rewarding these hardworking housemates.

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