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12:42am – Cee-C and Tobi are inside the closet room once again trying to solve their differences.

11:38am – Meanwhile Teddy A is seated by the jacuzzi smoking.

11:10pm – Today’s diary sessions kick off with Teddy A

10:49pm – The housemates have now exited the arena and are inside the closet room celebrating their wager victory.

10:46pm – Big Brother gives his judgement on the housemates’ wager for this week, he says they have won their wager.

10:43pm – Congratulations to Bambam for winning challenge number 9.

10:41pm – Bambam is taking on challenge number 9.

10:40pm – Congratulations to Miracle for winning challenge number 8.

10:37pm – Miracle is taking on challenge number 8.

10:36pm – Congratulations to Nina for winning challenge number 7.

10:22pm – Nina is taking on challenge number 7.

10:21pm – Big Brother makes the housemates an offer, if they win 2 out of the remaining 3 challenges, he’ll let them win their Wager otherwise they’ll have a long weekend.

10:19pm – Tobi might have tried harder if he was given more time but he has failed challenge number 6.

10:09pm – Tobi is taking on challenge number 6.

10:07pm – Lolu has failed challenge number 5.

10:05pm – Lolu is taking on challenge number 5.

10:03pm – Congratulations to Teddy A for winning challenge number 4.

10:01pm – Teddy A is taking on challenge number 4.

9:55pm – Cee-C has lost challenge number 3.

9:49pm – Cee-C is taking on challenge number 3.

9:46pm – Alex has failed challenge number 2.

9:42pm – Alex takes on challenge number 2.

9:39pm – Rico Swavey’s time is up and he has failed the challenge.

9:35pm – The championship challenge kicks off with Rico Swavey taking on Challenge number 1.

9:30pm – The housemates are in the arena for their Final Championship Challenge of the week, we hope you’re all watching..

9:10pm – The housemates are getting ready and preparing themselves for their final championship challenge of the week.

8:58pm – It’s raining heavily but our housemates are safe inside the house.

8:52pm – Teddy A is in the garden smoking his cigarettes.

8:32pm – Big Brother reminds the housemates that they have 30 minutes before their Final Championship Challenge of the week.

8:00pm – Cee-C, Bambam and Alex are in the lounge playing the dice game.

7:18pm – Rico Swavey is giving Nina a hairdo

7:15pm – All the housemates are gathered in the lounge, some are resting, Alex is talking about the evicted housemates.

6:47pm – Teddy A and Bambam are in the kitchen cuddling.

6:41pm – Teddy A is washing dishes.

6:27pm – Miracle and Rico Swavey are in the kitchen preparing the housemates’ dinner meal.

5:50pm – Alex and Tobi are on the couch having a conversation.

5:33pm – The housemates win their challenge after which they exit the arena.

5:17pm – The housemates are in the arena for their fifth championship challenge.

5:11pm – Big Brother instructs all the housemates to go to the garden and prepare to move to the arena.

4:57pm – Tobi, Lolu and Teddy A are in the garden having a conversation as the latter smokes his cigarettes.

4:40pm – Head of House Miracle reads out a task brief to his fellow housemates who are all gathered in the lounge.

4:25pm – The housemates have now woken up.

3:15pm – It’s raining as the housemates continue to enjoy their sleep

2:58pm – Lolu is seated alone drinking some juice..

2:15pm – Majority of the housemates are sleeping.

1:50pm – Lolu is busy cleaning the house.

1:08pm – Looks like there is a nice little congregation on the beds today, great to see some unity after all the division in the #BBNaija House.

11:45am – BamBam and Alex take to dancing in the mirror in true #BBNaija fashion

11:16am – BamBam and Teddy A are taking things to a whole new level with Teddy A affectionately squeezing BamBam’s pimples in the kitchen – What a way to start the day.

9:11am – The housemates are now having breakfast.

8:30am – The housemates are done with their morning workout session, some of them are now taking showers and cleaning themselves up.

7:50am – The housemates are in the arena taking part in their routine morning workout.

7:10am – Housemates have began waking up one by one.

6:45am – The housemates are still sleeping after having a very busy day yesterday.

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