Day 46: Housemates Prepare A Feast For Efe And Marvis’s Wedding

Housemates Prepare A Feast For Efe And Marvis' Big Brother Naija Wedding

Given the fact that there’s a wedding between Efe and Marvis inside the Big brother Naija today, the housemate have prepared a feast for the big day.

While the housemates sat around chatting about last night’s monopoly game and eating TBoss’ birthday cake, Biggie’s voice boomed over the PA system summoning the Head of House into the Diary Room.

HOH ThinTallTony summoned the Housemates into the lounge so he could read out the new Task Brief to everybody. The Brief was very straight forward. The Housemates needed to prepare a feast for the wedding between Efe and Marvis and to help them prepare, Biggie had sent them some supplies duly facilitated by the official sponsors Payporte.

Biggie further elaborated that the Housemates needed to prepare a feast suitable for a wedding but quibbed that they needed to put their best foot forward as there was going to be invited guests attending the wedding.

The Housemates quickly got about prepping the condiments and cooking all the planned dishes they had contemplated. It was fun to see every single Housemate in the kitchen either helping to prep, or taking care of washing up, with Bisola championing the kitchen duties duly assisted by the birthday girl TBoss.

The Housemates have four hours to finish cooking and to kick start the festivities, and while the ladies were cooking, the father of the bride ThinTallTony and the master of ceremonies Bassey sat on the dining table to plan the order of proceedings once the festivities kick off.

Don’t forget to tune in at 7pm WAT as the wedding bells will start tolling, signalling the commencement of the wedding festivities.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful couple, strong undeniable chemistry!! In love with Marvis and Efe since I dont know! Really beautifil couple to watch!!