BBNaija 2017 Day 51 Recap: Here Are The Amazing Things That You Might Have Missed

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 51 Highlights

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 51 was very eventful and amazing at the same time with secret missions to boot.

The day kicked off with what started off as friendly banter between two women before the proverbial sh*t hit the fan with TBoss and Bisola champing at the bits trying to out-shout and prove each other wrong. The Head of House had to wade in in order to broker peace between the two warring factions and got snapped at for his efforts. [Read more about TBoss and Bisola’s fight Here]

The Alphabet Soup Task seemed to help break the ice further as the Housemates had fun sifting through all the alphabets swimming around in the make shift pots to find the letters that spelt out the answers to Biggie’s questions. Bally, ThinTallTony and Debie-Rise won this Task and were treated to some ice cream and pizza while the other Housemates sat in the conspiracy room as on-lookers.

The Diary Room Session is always a platform for the Housemates to speak their minds to Biggie and they all did just that. Biggie had a series of questions for the Housemates ranging from the general mood in the House to how they felt during and after the Nominations. Biggie even let the Nominated Housemates have 20 seconds to campaign for votes before they exited the Diary Room.

After giving the same secret Task to Marvis and Bisola, Biggie ordered the Housemates into the Arena for a recycling Task. The Housemates were to sort out all the trash into three separate piles, Plastic, Paper and Metal. Unbeknownst to the Housemates, Bisola and Marvis (who didn’t realise they were on the same secret mission) were instructed by Biggie to disrupt the Task in every way possible and it seemed they both did a sterling job, albeit using different methods.

The Housemates were then asked to leave the Arena because they didn’t finish the Task timeously. They returned to the House and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement among the Housemates to have supper and chat around a bit before going to bed. Before calling it a day however, Debie-Rise cornered TBoss to let her know that ThinTallTony had told her that Marvis may have been on a secret mission to disrupt their Task.

The Housemates then turned in early, a testament to what a long and event full day it had been. Big Brother had certainly kept them on their toes and it seemed they subconsciously figured that tomorrow would be much of the same. Biggie, you sure do know how to bring the drama!

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