Day 66: Bisola Left Speechless After Being Told ThinTallTony Has A Child

Bisola Unhappy After Learning That ThinTallTony Has A Child

Bisola was left frustrated and speechless after TBoss revealed that ThinTallTony had a child outside the Big Brother Naija house.

Bisola, Bally and TBoss were sat in the dressing room having a heated discussion about everything from stretch marks and pregancies to child support when the conversation shifted to ThinTallTony and Bisola’s relationship.

Bally and TBoss were arguing that there was a spark between the two of them but Bisola kept insisting that they were just friends. “Tony likes you!” they both exclaimed but with each new allegation Bisola seemed to have an excuse locked and loaded. “It depends on” what you mean by “like”

Bally was the first to dig up evidence reminding Bisola that she’d confessed to liking ThinTallTony but was frustrated that he didn’t feel the same way. TBoss then chimed in pointing out that on the last Saturday, ThinTallTony was “so drunk” and he only had eyes for Bisola as is evidenced by the fact that he tried to hook up with her.

At that point Bisola deflected the accusations by arguing that Tony actually liked TBoss! TBoss was quick to retort and point out that he only ever flirted and seemed keen on a strictly, physical relationship, not companionship inside or outside the House.

Bisola then had no choice but to cave saying of ThinTallTony, “we have a strong bond that will last a very, very long time!” Things then took a sudden turn as Bisola joked that TBoss and Bally were trying to force something that might never happen saying “How is she sure that he’s not married?” She chuckled for a bit before TBoss responded “I actually heard a few times in the House that he has a child.” Bisola’s smile melted away and she sat still for a moment as the words washed over her.

It might have taken a while to figure out a comeback but soon she was back on the defensive. “I don’t know about that. He told me his mom wants him to have a kid because he’s 36.” TBoss and Bally didn’t seem to want to press the issue any further after that.

While the news certainly rocked her she was back to her old self, flirting and nagging her “tiki Bally” once again.

Do you really think Bisola’s in love with ThinTallTony and denying it or is she simply missing his company? Share with us your views by leaving a comment in one of our comment boxes below.

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15 Responses

  1. baby says:

    Her fans wld b quiet now o!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Bisola self. Does she always go around dating guys any time she is on reality show no self esteem? Hmmm

    • sugar says:

      Abi o! Marvis wnt see dat one o! Its debie she wld b seein lowself esteem for! Dat gal is stupid maaaan! Vote debie and tboss people! Let man-vis bounce frm d house joor

  3. Ugigi says:

    The impact of TTT will alway as long as Bisola is in the house.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anybody who has been in love and lied on will b saying all the STUPID things abt BISOLA! Efe and Bisola fans fought for her by not voting for TTT so we r cool! @LEAST TTT is her AGE..Preach that NONSENSE to MIYONSE and whoever becuse as far as I can remember HE DID NOT KNOW who TBOSS is after finding out that SHE HAD NOMINATED HIM..NOW THAT HIS GIRLFRIEND HAS BOOTED HIM because of GRANNY..he is GOING BACK TO GOGO! BISOLA will b fine once she is out! As for those that r saying all the nonsense abt Marvis she is IN till the final day, and so is Efe and Bisola…One BIG FOOL in that HOUSE is GOING HOME COME SUNDAY and THAT FOOL is not MArvis/Bisola/Efe and ANYBODY who thinks that is not TRUE is THE BIGGEST OF THEM FOOLS! Better worry abt your problems and leave us because we are sorting out every person who messes out with our MArvis/Efe/Bisola!

    • Riky Nama says:

      Tell them plz, this is big brother they should stop judging Bisola, the truth is she has a strong personality, she speaks her mind and she is intelligent. Vote for your people with out throwing shades on others.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To this person who says Bisola dated TTT because of low Esteem..What do you call TBOSS relationship to MIOYNSE..worse the KID was attracted to Gifty who is his age but no the DESPERATE GOGO would not STOP. She was crying and ASKING MIYONSE to focus on her ..POOr little BOY could not know what to do and ended up accepting because GOGO really gave him harsh words in front of the ENTIRE AFRICA! Sies MARN ..just keep your dirty mouths SHUT if you have NOTHING GOOD to say abt BISOLA / MARVIS..bcause the person you are protecting has DIRTY LAUNDRY as well!!

  6. nikky SA richards bay says:

    i dont she miss ttt its a game bisola is very clever she s got nothinh to loose she has a child too how come she is upset she is playing a gama big up yo bisola

  7. DDTO says:

    TBoss and Debbie fans are just like TBoss and Debbie…they start insulting people for no apparent reason and when people react, are the first to claim they are being victimised! Losing can drive people to do a lot of things!!

  8. Chika Osuagwu says:

    looosing you say…hahahahhaha….very funny..predicting the end before it happens….NICE

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well said Chika Osuagwa……..

  10. Anonymous says:

    But like really guys??????how do you expect Bisola to know that TTT has kids and wife and since when falling in love with someone is low self-esteem?thats a first for me and it has happened before to other people bcos of guys who don't acknowledge their families like TTT you cant really blame the girl and we mustn't speak as if those inside know what we know from outside,its a pity we judge ,insult instead of learning and growing as individuals from watching the show ,who are we to cast the first stone anyway? someone is going to win at the end ,hating or insulting wont change a thing, let God be the judge and His favour and grace will seen come the end of the show

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bisola loved TTT and she only knows what she was told by TTT and the little things she learned from him when he still in the house and its not a sin to fall in love….true African woman and I wish you to win if I had my way and all the votes in the world .

  12. Anonymous says:

    People only like when they told the good side,what about the bad side so you can grow as a person since we not saints?marvis said what she said cos that's how she Perceives Debbie-rise not how you and me perceives her did you expect her to lie and say what you guys expect? That was a true love kiss than a poisonous one,true talk never break any friendship……

  13. Precious Nwabenu says:

    am precious from delta. …Bisola luv TTT…There is no doubt about it.