Day 71: Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Nominations Results

The Big Brother Naija 2019 week 11 nominations have just taken place and just in case you missed watching the show, please don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 11 Nominations

As the housemates were going about their own businesses, Big Brother asked all of them to immediately gather in the lounge. Then within a few minutes, the live nominations began with Seyi being the first housemate to enter the diary room.

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Below is a summary of how each housemate has nominated this evening.

– Seyi nominated Khafi and Tacha

– Diane nominated Omashola and Mike

– Frodd nominated Mike and Ike

– Tacha nominated Seyi and Mike

– Mike nominated Omashola and Tacha

– Mercy has nominated Omashola and Khafi

– Elozonam has nominated Frodd and Tacha

– Khafi has nominated Seyi and Mercy

– Omashola has nominated Mercy and Tacha

– Ike has nominated Diane and Khafi

– Cindy has nominated Diane and Ike

Following this week’s live nominations that took place this evening, below is a summary of the amount of nominations that each housemate received.

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– Tacha received 4 nominations

– Mike received 3 nominations

– Omashola received 3 nominations

– Khafi received 3 nominations

– Diane received 2 nominations

– Ike received 2 nominations

– Seyi received 2 nominations

– Mercy received 2 nominations

– Frodd received 1 nomination

– Elozonam : he was not nominated at all.

NOTE: Cindy is this week’s Head of House and therefore immune to nominations, that’s why she has also not been nominated at all.

So as it stands, Elozonam is the only housemate who escaped being nominated at all today, we really can’t explain why, maybe his fellow housemates don’t see him as a threat.

Well share with us what you think about today’s nominations by leaving your thoughts in the comment box below.

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7 Responses

  1. Rainah bello says:

    Khafi and mike

  2. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    The nomination by individual is some how. Big Brother Season 4 change the strategy for nomination give the task for all Housemate. THOSE WHO PASS THE TASK, THEY ARE ELIMINATE THE POSSIBLE EVICTION. Please. because they are discuss who they want to voting out before the nomination take place. YES!

    • erunzrapsodi says:

      Its boring that way , Let them just keep nominating themselves, Two of the supposed powerful people will definitely leave this weekend and thats great .

  3. Makabelo Hlaoli says:

    khafi and seyi

  4. Dinah says:

    This is the better way of nominating housemates for possible eviction

  5. loise says:

    Will save Tacha, till the end,gals lets do it