Day 74: Team Legends Win Week 11’s Wager Task Presentation

Team Legends, Omashola, Tacha, Frodd and Khafi Win Week 11 Wager Task Presentation

Team Legends won this week’s Wager Task presentation with only one point ahead of team Enigma.

Today’s wager task was highly contested coming at a time some of the housemates are already bargaining for more Bet9ja coins. From a hilarious drama presentation to an interesting monologue, the housemates managed to pull this off well.

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Team Enigma: The housemates gave us a mini-drama that left us gasping for more with their presentation centering on the four elements of nature. The team pulled off a presentation filled with lessons to learn using a journey of a boy into self-discovery as their plot. Though they got carried away and finished in 26 minutes instead of the allotted 20 minutes, it was indeed entertaining.

Team Legends: Well it was comedy galore for this team, Frodd, Khafi, Tacha and Omashola cracked our ribs so much we nearly gasped for breath as they mimicked certain housemates and reliving some past events in the Big Brother Naija house.

Team Legends lit up the stage tonight so much that even their fellow Housemates couldn’t stop laughing with Omashola acting as Ike, Frodd mimicking Mike and Khafi acting as Tacha. They completed their own task presentation in 21 minutes.

Team Enigma scored 10 points while team Legends scored 11 based on the criteria of creativity, message, inclusiveness and professionalism. And with just one point ahead, team Legends were announced the winner of the challenge.

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And unlike in the past few weeks when Big Brother was rewarding each member of the winning team with 20 Bet9ja coins, today Big Brother was generous enough as he introduced a new twist were by each member of team Legends received 50 Bet9ja coins. The twist got even more interesting when Big Brother asked the losing team, Enigma to contribute all the Bet9ja coins for the winning team.

As team Legends get the opportunity to shop for their Wager on Sunday, we imagine how team Enigma will feel knowing that not only have they lost their Wager, they are 50 Bet9ja Coins short. Well, what can we say? It is what it is.

Congratulations to team Legends members Omashola, Khafi, Frodd and Tacha.


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