Efe Also Issued A Strike By Biggie

Efe Issued A Strike By Big Brother

Efe joins the names of the housemates who have rattled Big Brother the wrong way, it is not clear what might have conspired to make biggie drop a strike on Igwe’s head!!!

But we all know is that big brother never relent when it comes to his rules, just at the slightest disobedience of his rules, here comes a strike bomb!!!!

Effe now has to be very cautious because two more strikes on his head will lead to him being DISQUALIFIED from the BIG BROTHER GAME.

The last housemates to have suffered the same fate were Elikem of Ghana (1 strike) and Nando from Tanzania (3 strikes) who was eventually disqualified, they were both participating in Big Brother Africa The Chase.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Efe igweeeeeee I'm voting foruuuuuui