Efe’s Birthday Bash: How Biggie And The Housemates Made His Day

Efe's Birthday Celebrations In The Big Brother Naija 2017 House

Biggie called Kemen to the Dairy Room to let him know that there was a special delivery for the birthday boy waiting in the store room.

It turned out to be a gaint cake and he promptly organised everyone in the House so they could distract Efe in order to get it into the kitchen.

First in line was TBoss who grabbed Efe while he was walking through the closet and demanded that he sniff her armpit immediately!

Efe looked both amused and confused as he tried to wrestlle his way out of her grasp to no avail! He finally complied and said it smelt nice even though TBoss hadn’t showered.

Next up were Bisola and Bassey who grabbed him from behind and told him they were going to dump ice water on him once they got to the kitchen. Efe protested and at one point they even tried to pick him up.

Efe's Birthday Celebrations In The Big Brother Naija 2017 House

After a long struggle they finally made it to the dining table and when Efe turned around he realised he’d been pranked! Everyone screamed “Happy Birthday” and Bally yelled “Is it my fault?” to much laughter right before singing for him a second time! Efe was all smiles and noted what a privilege it was to celebrate his birthday in the House then he thanked everyone for making his day special!

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