Day 64: TBoss Left Unhappy After Biggie’s Ninjas Take Housemates’ Luxuries

TBoss Unhappy With Big Brother's Ninjas Taking Away Housemates' Luxuries

Today Biggie has sent 2 of his Ninjas into the Big Brother Naija house to take away some of the housemates’ luxuries.

When Biggie asked our Housemates to hop into the kitchen and whip up a meal for a special guest they were decidely excited! Everyone finished showering and getting ready with TBoss even changing her skirt twice to make sure she looked 100! Bisola seemed to be the only one who had an inkling suspicion that something dubious was happening.

This was because the brief said it was someone they’d “seen many times” so she joked that it was a Ninja. Some of the other Housemates thought it might be Ebuka and they weren’t the only one’s thinking this either!

Enter the Ninjas! The door bell rang and everyone rushed to huddle around the entrance in anticipation. That said, as soon as Biggie’s voice boomed through the speakers, everyone could tell from the tone that they were going to be asked to freeze so they went scampering for the couch.

A male and female ninja then came through the doors and started collecting all their luxuries and placing them in a large pot. Nectarenes, honey, fancy shoes and even jewelery. Nothing was safe.

Even Debie-Rise’s guitar almost got snatched but lucky for her the Ninjas seemed to have their hands full already. Ending things off, they took the plates of hot food the Housemates had prepared before heading out the door.

The Housemates sat helplessly and watched before Biggie asked them to unfreeeze. At that moment they scattered, looking all over to see if the Ninjas had gotten to their valuables.

TBoss was particularly salty as she hadn’t eaten. “I hope you enjoy the food Ninjas!” she quipped while she munched on a large carrot! Bisola also looked a bit sour but was laughing hysterically and yelling “I knew it!” as soon as the prank was done.

Biggie left them a cheeky little note saying he hoped they “enjoyed” their special guest. He the afforeded them the chance to rest before the Head of House Task.

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10 Responses

  1. DDTO says:

    who is the new head of house guyz!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bisola is the new and last HOH. The house is now divided Into Two groups with each side Planning seriously against the other. How I wished Bally left instead of Bassey. Things would have been more Balanced up and fairer

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just totally lost interest in d game! It's just a game of hate now! Wit d real witches formin d real ones.. mtshewww

  4. Zine Kati says:

    Off course !!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Am not shaken by the big Four, come Wednesday as one of the housemate has to be nominated and one to be saved, money is for a lady, no matter what.. Here in Namibia we are for Debie-Rise and Tboss, Bally allow himself to be used and form up a gang while Bassey saved him, i nstead of being with Tboss and debie-Rise, becouse of the fake kiss from Bisola he thought he made it in life..

    • omosexxxxy says:

      Ur head is dere! Bisola kissed him and he's loosin his sense of reasonin, mtschewwww

  6. UNKOWN says:

    Tboss stop acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vixen says:

      Then wat wld u call bally dat deceived us all dis while dat he doesn't smoke only for him to pick up cigarete dis week! Pls if u can't see tboss for who she is afta 10weeks then sory is ur case! Little wonder cos in ur world it's totally impossible for someone to b dat poise, put together and lady like! Butguess wat? It's possible! And she is all dat ,no formin attached! It's called charisma!

  7. UNKOWN says:

    Debbie, you need to be clear with your statements because now you come across as you follow everything Tboss is saying…WOMAN UP MAN

  8. omosexxy says:

    Is dere anytin wrong if she's been followin wateva tboss says? Is efe too not puppetin his mumus too? Pls, on to d next sensible comment,u didn't make any sense at all

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