“Ahneeka is a man in a woman’s body” – Miracle tells Biggie

Miracle tells Big Brother Ahneeka is a man in a woman's body

Miracle told Big Brother last night during his diary session that Ahneeka is a man in a woman’s body.

All this came after Ahneeka won this week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games after she completed the challenge in a stunning 1 minute and 12 seconds beating second placed Angel and Alex who were both tied at a finishing time of 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

And during his diary session after the arena games, Miracle who completed his challenge in just 3 minutes and 29 seconds had a rather different definition of Ahneeka.

When Big Brother asked him what he thought about Ahneeka’s victory, Miracle was of the view that Ahneeka is simply a man in a woman’s body because of the way she executes tasks that even guys fail to execute.

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So Miracle has told Big Brother that Ahneeka is a man in a woman’s body simply because she’s good at taking on tasks.

And at the end of his diary session, Biggie then asked him to keep this definition of Ahneeka as a man in a woman’s body between just the two of them (Biggie & Miracle).

Well we understand that Miracle might not have intended to take a jibe at his fellow housemate but some viewers weren’t happy about it, with some taking to Online news and social networking service Twitter where they expressed their disappointment at Miracle’s choice of words.

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Below are some of the unhappy viewers reacting;

And just like Big Brother asked him to do, lets hope Captain Miracle remembers and keeps this between himself and Biggie and not reveal it to any other housemate because it might not please Ahneeka if she gets to hear about it..

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