Day 26: Housemates Nominate Their Favourite Pairs

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Strategic Pairs

Today Big Brother threw in a surprise twist as he informed the housemates that they were going to nominate their favourite pairs.

Biggie gave all the housemates’ pairs 30 minutes to discuss and agree on two pairs that they’re going to nominate as their favourites.

And below is how all the pairs have nominated.

1. Lolu & Cee-C have nominated Miracle & Anto and Bambam & Rico Swavey

2. Bambam & Rico Swavey have nominated Teddy A & Nina and Ahneeka & Angel

3. Ifu Ennada & Leo have nominated Bambam & Rico Swavey and Teddy A & Nina

4. Teddy A & Nina have nominated Alex & Tobi and Ahneeka & Angel

5. Anto & Miracle have nominated Bambam & Rico Swavey and Ahneeka & Angel

6. Ahneeka & Angel have nominated Teddy A & Nina and Anto & Miracle

7. Tobi and Alex have nominated Anto & Miracle and Teddy A & Nina

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And after all the pairs had done their nominations, Big Brother then asked the housemates to gather in the lounge where he informed them that he’ll be revealing the results on Sunday.

You can check out a summary of the results below.

1. Team Tena ‘Teddy A and Nina’ have received 4 nominations

2. Team Bamco ‘Bambam and Rico Swavey’ have received 3 nominations

3. Team Gelah ‘Angel and Ahneeka’ have received 3 nominations

4. Team Mito ‘Miracle and Anto’ have received 3 nominations

5. Team Tolex ‘Tobi and Alex’ have received 1 nomination

6. Team Lifu ‘Leo and Ifu Ennada’ have received 0 nominations

7. Team Ceelo ‘Cee-C and Lolu’ have received 0 nominations

So according to the above results, team Tena ‘Teddy A and Nina’ have received 4 nominations which is the highest while teams Lifu ‘Leo and Ifu Ennada’ and Ceelo ‘Cee-C and Lolu’ have not received a single nomination.

And like Big Brother has said, he’ll reveal the results to the housemates on Sunday during the live show.

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