Day 34: Cee-C And Tobi Involved In An Argument Right After The Party

Day 34: Cee-C And Tobi Argument After The Saturday Night Party

Once again Big Brother Naija season 3 on and off lovebirds Cee-C and Tobi Bakre have had a verbal fight.

All this happened right after tonight’s Saturday night party after Cee-C refused to drink beer that Tobi had given her.

And then what we heard next was Tobi calling Cee-C silly Cee-C, at this moment the young lawyer lost her temper and began throwing tantrums all directed to the banker turned photographer.

Cee-C was really pissed off but the good thing is that her strategic partner Lolu was nearby to calm her down. Knowing the way she behaves after becoming angry, Lolu wisely calmed her down by speaking to her as Tobi disappeared from the scene for a few minutes.

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Well despite the fact that Cee-C is a quarrelsome lady, Tobi is also provocative in some way especially towards Cee-C and lets hope he’s not asking for a strike from Big Brother because as far as we can remember, evicted housemate Dee-One also received a strike from Biggie for being provocative just two weeks ago.

The argument them continued in the closet room with Tobi following an angry Cee-C around trying to get her back in his arms, but Cee-C kept on yelling and telling him not to touch her.

Cee-C even went as far as calling Tobi a piece of sh!t and a disappointment.

We’ll keep you updated.

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