BBNaija Day 12 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

11:27pm – No more pretending to be a humble girl, Ahneeka is starting to reveal her REAL Personality. She has just blasted Teddy A.

11:20pm – Biggie gives the housemates a few bottle of beer, K. Brule is the happiest. He even volunteers to put the beer
in the refrigerator.

11:00pm – The Friday night PayPorte arena games for week 2 end with Angel as the winner, Biggie then promises to reward him tommorw.

8:10pm – The Friday Night PayPorte Arena games kick off

5:15pm – Housemates settle down and eat their lunch

5:09pm – Finally housemates find their food in the garden, it seems like all these housemates care about is Food, even when Biggie tells them to FREEZE, some of them keep laughing..

5:07pm – Biggie unfreezes the housemates but they can’t find their food.

4:47pm – While housemates are still serving their lunch in the kitchen, Biggie freezes them.

4:45pm – It’s time for lunch as the housemates gather in the kitchen area for their meal

2:09pm – Biggie instructs all the housemates to gather in the garden to collect all their littered clothes and return them to the house as they sing a solidarity song..

2:07pm – Big Brother finally unfreezes the housemates

2:06pm – Big Brother’s Ninjas finally exit the house

2:00pm – Biggie’s Ninjas mess up stuff in the Big Brother Naija house, from littering all the housemates’ clothes to playing around with already FROZEN housemates..

1:42pm – Big Brother’s Ninjas move the housemates’ clothes out of the house and scatter them in the garden…

1:35pm – Big Brother sends two of his Ninjas into the house

11:35am – Biggie tells the housemates they’re now free to leave the garden and enter the house.

10:36am – While in the garden, head of house Tobi gives all the housemates a talk, he asks them to change their behavior inside the house especially as far as time management is concerned. Tobi also asks the housemates to be themselves.

10:31am – Biggie instructs all the housemates to exit the house, close all the doors and go to garden until further notice.

10:25am – Tempers rise in the Big Brother house as Khloe and Dee-one have an argument after the latter made a joke on her, Khloe tells Dee-One to stop using her as comedy show..

9:14am – Big Brother asks all the housemates to take their beddings and towels to the store room for laundry

8:57am – Housemates have now completed their morning workout session and are back inside the house..

7:40am – Housemates move to the arena and kick off with their morning work out

7:10am – Housemates begin waking up.

Good morning to you all Big Brother Naija fans and welcome to Day 12 of the Game, please share with us your favourite moments that took place in the house yesterday…

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