Day 39: Week 6 Task Presentation Recap

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 6 Task Presentation

Our Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates had their Task Presentation for week 6 tonight and it was really more detailed than any other they’ve had since the first week of the show.

First and foremost, Biggie is truly Double Wahala because he let the housemates come to the arena dressed very well after ironing their nice clothes and all the girls putting their makeup on.

When they entered the arena for their presentation, Biggie informed the housemates that they were to engage in a big clean up as part of their task presentation tonight. Big Brother’s ninjas had earlier on messed up the arena with garbage that the housemates were supposed to pick up all.

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Big Brother ordered his ninjas to tie the housemates together and make them wear diving gear, the housemates then began collecting all the garbage that had been littered in the arena and they had to put it into the correct recyclable bins.

And after successfully cleaning up the arena, Big Brother also made some housemates collect samples of contaminated water.

Then came the debate on whether Global warming is a Fact or a Myth with Teddy A being the host of the debate while Nina, Alex and Cee-C were the judges.

Miracle, Leo, Ifu Ennada and Anto were proposing the motion which was “Global Warming is a Fact” while Tobi, Bambam, Lolu and Rico Swavey were opposing the motion saying that global warming is actually a myth.

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When all the debaters had finished speaking, the judges had a few questions for them after which they made a judgement on which team had won. Judge Alex announced that the proposing team had won and that Global Warming is a Fact that the entire world needs to tackle as soon as possible.

Big Brother then asked the housemates to honour ‘The International Women’s Day’ as part of tonight’s task, the housemates were expected to stand up one at a time and imitate a woman in their life and also reveal something about that woman that inspires them.

Well the housemates instead decided to honour their mothers only and when they had all completed, they silently waited for Big Brother’s judgement on their overall presentation of the night.

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Biggie revealed to the housemates that they will have to wait till tomorrow after their Presentation in the Heritage bank Task to find out whether they’ve won their wager or not.

So what were your favourite moments in tonight’s task presentation?? Please let us know by dropping your reply in the comments section below.

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