Day 77: Khafi Kareem Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2019

Khafi Kareem has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija 2019 house today on day 77 of the show there by becoming the sixteenth housemate to exit the house this season.

Khafi Kareem Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2019 on day 77 of the show

Shortly after exiting the house and stepping on to the Big Brother Naija live stage, show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked Khafi who she thinks nominated her. She was on spot by stating that she knows Seyi definately did, she also mentioned Mercy’s name, and she was right too.

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However after watching a recorded clip of the housemates that nominated her, Khafi was surprised that Ike also nominated her. She stated that Ike was her boy and that she didn’t see herself as competition to him.

Ebuka then asked Khafi how she would describe her journey in the Big Brother house, Khafi said that it was really amazing and that before she came into the house people warned her not to get into a relationship but when she met Gedoni, she couldn’t hold back.

While still on the live stage with Ebuka, Khafi has made it clear that she loves Gedoni. When Ebuka asked her if she feels it is mutual and that Gedoni feels the same way about her, she replies by saying that she hopes so.

Asked how she feels about Omashola, “Omashola is really cool, I really like him, he’s just real, he’s just himself. Yeah he’s my guy”.

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Asked if she thinks Omashola felt something for her, Khafi says yes and that it’s because he’s been in the house for two and a half months with nothing in regards to love.

Asked if she felt something for Omashola, “I don’t wanna do the friend zone thing, I think he was a brother to me, I thought that he was really cool, I really liked him”, Khafi stated.

Khafi was then asked what she thought of Venita, “Listen, this Venita thing ooo. I didn’t have a problem with Venita, I just felt like normally on a normal day I think me and her would be friends but it didn’t workout like that and part of what the house has taught me is that not everybody is gonna like you and that’s okay”, she says.

Asked how she feels about Seyi, “we are cool now, I feel like the whole poverty mentality thing since way back, like any time I do anything it triggers that in him and so he gets really angry, he goes zero to 100 very quickly, but I’m happy we were cool before I left the house”.

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Asked what she’s going to be looking at in terms of a career path now that she’s out of the house, Khafi says anything that she can get her hands on, acting, presenting, anything media related, business as well, tourism and that she wants to put Nigeria on the map and that she wants to get people to come to Nigeria.

Finally Ebuka asked her who she thinks is going to win with ten people left in the house, “I think Tacha, I think Tacha is gonna win, I do think so”, Khafi replied.

Farewell to Khafi and we wish her the best in all her future endeavours.

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7 Responses

  1. Amira says:

    Will really miss my cup of khafi

  2. Baraka Volo says:

    I’m Happy my Best Housemate Remain till day 99th #Team Seyi Forever,ever Smily keep it blazing.

  3. Baraka Volo says:

    I’m Happy my Best Housemate Remains till day 99th #Team Seyi Forever,ever Smily keep it blazing.

  4. Abinus hebron says:

    I really really miss khafi a lot

  5. Lumka says:

    My Tacha is safe yet again

  6. Akani says:

    I really miss you Khafi

  7. Gugu P Dlamini says:

    I will forever miss you cup of coffee “Khafi”

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