Day 80: Cee-C And Alex Have A Long Talk To Solve Their Differences

Cee-C And Alex Talk To Solve Their Differences

Big Brother Naija 2018 female finalists Cee-C and Alex had a long talk in the closet room last night in an effort to completely solves their differences.

It looked like Alex’s apology wasn’t enough to settle the dust between herself and Cee-C.

Alex’s apology gave the idea that she and Cee-C had finally buried the hatched and were headed down new paths, one free of grudges and malicious comments but it seems like we were misled because another round of ‘she said, then I said’ exploded and had the duo going in circles.

Cee-C hadn’t been responsive during Alex’s ‘bearing my heart’ and continued reserving the loaf of bread, serving only crumbs by talking about how she was over trying to prove herself to people who could care less. Crumbs because during her post-Task conversation with Alex, a couple of slices were thrown and a lot was revealed.

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The conversation was a back and forth that left even us a bit distorted to say the least. Cee-C clearly wanted to know why Alex thinks so lowly of her to even conclude that she was bothered but her friendship with she felt nothing but pity for.

Alex on the other hand explained that it wasn’t hearsay that see-say. Her general behaviour having suggested that she was nauseated by the fact.

Despite Alex admirable calm and Cee-C having toned it down, the two were clearly tickled off by the relationship made during the conversation; with Cee-C completely disputing an emotional affiliations to Tobi and Alex disapproving of comments made by Khloe, Lolu and Bambam.

If we had to butter this bread in its entirety, butter vendors would refuse our patronage because despite the conversation having ended smoothly, there are still threads to be pulled. We’ll just leave it here.

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