Day 36: Cee-C Writes Tobi A Love Letter

Cee-C Writes Tobi A Love Letter On Big Brother Naija 2018 Day 36

Cee-C wrote a love letter to fellow housemate Tobi yesterday professing how she really loves him no matter what he does to her.

All this happened yesterday and the letter landed in Tobi’s hands just a few hours before the live eviction show that saw Ahneeka and Angel being evicted from the house.

In the letter, the young female lawyer made it clear that she loves Tobi no matter how many times he puts her up for possible eviction. Cee-C went ahead and stated in the letter that even though Tobi abuses her and tells everyone how troublesome he thinks she is, she still loves him.

Now this comes as a surprise following the heated up argument they had on Saturday night immediately after getting back from the party zone [Read more about that here].

You can read a few statements from the love letter Cee-C wrote and addressed to Tobi below;

I love you regardless of how many times you put me up for eviction, and make the world thinks I’m troublesome.

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You don’t expect people to understand who you really are, regardless I love you. No matter how many times you put me up for eviction and use abuse words on me, tell the world about how troublesome you think I am. the letter further reads.

Tobi had the chance of reading the letter in Cee-C’s presence as they both sat on a couch outside the house.

And after reading it, Tobi just smiled and hugged Cee-C.

So lets hope we won’t be seeing any more fights between these two on and off lovebirds.

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2 Responses

  1. Zine Kati says:

    love these two, wish them best of luck in everything..God first

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes its about damn time those two must show all those fake love house mates true love
    Miracle gets so annoyed when cebi r talking. He is into Ceec but pretends to hate her n wants Tobi to hate her too

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